We welcome you to use our Technical services as follows:

  1. Acting as Ship Owner representative & Surveyor.

    Our team of experienced Surveyors is well versed with the various application codes and standard building specification. Whether it may be a new shipbuilding or repair or conversion project, they can handle them professionally and deliver them with full satisfaction from ship owners and yards.
  2. Acting as an intermediary for the Chinese shipyards & Ship owners.
    • Bridge contract for Ship Owners to build their ships in China and Batam.
    • Design & Fabrication of some structures
  3. Structure Fabrication such as crane columns, jack-up legs, module skigs, etc
  4. Feasibility Studies

    Technical detail studies carried out to assess the feasability of a project through to an outline project and ultimately to a contract project.
  5. Initial & Contract Design
    • Outline Specification
    • General Arrangement
    • Vessel characteristics, power prediction, speed power curve
    • Materials & Weight Estimation
    • Building Cost Estimation
  6. Classification Drawings & Detail Design
    • Structural Detail Design
    • Outfitting Design
    • NC Nesting and Lofting
  7. Ship Equipment & Machinery System
    • Ship Piping System including Schematics & Isometric Drawings
    • Electrical, Instrumentation System and Cable routing drawings
    • Steering Gear System
    • Deck Equipment
    • Propulsion & Propulsion Systems
    • HVAC and Piping Systems
    • Pump and Fluid-handling Systems
    • Electrical Engineering and Power generation
    • Fire and Gas Detection Systems
    • Cargo Handling Systems (conveyors, deck cranes, derricks, etc)
  8. Design Calculations
    • Tonnage and Freeboard Calculations
    • Stability and Hydrostatic Calculations
    • Tank Calibration
    • Inclining Experiments
  9. Finite Element Analysis of Structures
  10. Submitting of Plans to Classification Society & Statutory Bodies

    All designs, constructon drawings, relevant documents and equipment lists which are necessary for issuing to production for construction and to be approved by relevant Classification Society can be handled by Jtan Marine Design Services. Technical matters concerning Classification can also be liaised by our Engineers.
  11. Offshore Services
    • Design of offshore structures
    • Installation engineering for offshore structures
    • Load out and Sea-fastening Analysis
    • Mooring Analysis
    • Motion Analysis
  12. Design Evaluation

    Due to some circumstances such as the existing old ship performances (sound structural check), we can perform Structural FEA or FEM of the Hull as a part of design evaluation for the shipowners and ship builders.
  13. Advisory Services

    Our advisory services are not limited to study, comment and checking on the drawings and calculations from manufacturers, consultants, vendors with and regards to functionality, practicability and building specification but also to ensure that it complies with Classification societies and other statutory bodies as well as ship owners's requirements.
  14. Project Management

    Assigned project managers for the duration of a contract or specified tasks
  15. Material & Equipment Procurement
    • Selection of material & equipment based on technical & commercial evaluation
    • Sourcing of material & equipment based on technical & commercial evaluation for best prices & delivery